Dear Dra. Holmes:

My father has border­line schizophrenia: sometimes — he thinks he’s a werewolf–w/ a porn addiction, and peeping at the maids.

My hatred grew. I consulted a psychiatrist.

We have this little girl who grew up with us (she is a daughter of our house boy and when his wife and him split up they left the child with us). She is almost my sister, I remember cuddling her when she was a baby, Mama loves her so much as her own child. The problem, Papa tried to touch her. Let’s call her Jane.

Jane told Mama about it, but Mama just told her to be careful. I told Mama to do something about it. I’m married and not li­ving with them. I can’t take any action because I don’t want my husband to know.

She’s feeding the child to a monster! Mama hired a teenage girl and told me its papa’s new ‘consumo’ (prey) ; that’s why he’s not bothering Jane anymore.

But mama kicked her out because Mama told me ‘lakwachera’ (lay about), though eventually admitting she thought girl is pregnant with papa.

Two months ago, when Mama went out of town, she called me that I will just let Jane sleep in my house. Papa tried to touch her again.

Jane told me she was sleeping and Papa started touching her, pulling her inside the room. She ma­naged to escape. I brought her to the police, Papa was arrested.

Mama said its fine, just do whatever I think is right. But Mama never came home, leaving me the burden processing the case for Papa.

Jane’s testimony was shocking. Papa started when she was 9. She is 13 now. No penetration. Blow jobs and swallowing his dirt was his favorite act. If Jane is a good girl, he will be very kind, giving her money. Disgusting!

I know Papa has a problem. He’s waiting for his subpoena; is under restraining order so he can’t get near us.

The house boy said Papa’s ready for jail time. He’s accepted it’s his fault.

Is it possible Papa can still repent?

What’s wrong with my mom? I hate Mama for what she’s done! I think she is the root cause of this! Is she just weak? — Alyssa


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